Lubracane® analgesic is a soothing, clear, topical water based gel with a mild rapidly vanishing scent. It was developed by a Medical Doctor with the goal of treating his own patients whose lives were challenged by the pain of arthritis and musculoskeletal discomfort. It is made from a proprietary formulation that contains natural ingredients along with a very low concentration of menthol. The result is a quick drying, user friendly and effective topical pain reliever.

The Science of Pain

Pain is a protective mechanism developed by the body to help it avoid and respond to noxious and harmful stimuli. Although a complex phenomenon affected by a multitude of factors including age, gender as well as genetic makeup, the science behind pain is now beginning to be understood. When cells get injured they unleash a number of biochemical messengers which trigger a nerve generating inflammatory response. This response then converges on what is known as the ‘TRP’ family of channel receptors – twenty-seven in all, and housed in the various peripheral nerve endings in the skin and its underlying tissue.

These receptors in turn discharge signals along their pathways to the brain eliciting the response we interpret as pain. This is a normal and appropriate protective mechanism.

However, there are times when these harmful and noxious stimuli are no longer present and yet the pain sensation persists. It is on these occasions that pain becomes chronic and debilitating and is referred to as neuropathic pain. Medical research has shown that the driving force behind this type of pain is aberrant activity within these nerve endings.

This may be the result of a structural or molecular derangement of the peripheral nervous system resulting in a persistence of the inflammatory state, eliciting a hypersensitive or hyper-stimulated response. Regardless of the underlying cause– for example, trauma, arthritis or disease– chronic pain leads to a number of deleterious effects. These are often far reaching and affect many aspects of daily living including mood, ambulation, sleep, immunity, and cognition. It follows that alleviating this form of pain can vastly improve one’s quality of life.

Where Does it Hurt?


Lubracane® analgesic was developed by a medical doctor and surgeon with a keen interest in the science and biology of wound healing. Lubracane® gel has the best chance of being effective if used as directed, frequently, when first applying. It works by engaging the TRMP8 channel receptors in the skin. This in turn activates the ‘counter irritant’ effect which causes the brain to ignore the more powerful deeper painful stimulus in the underlying joint or musculotendinous unit affording the user temporary relief.

Joints, be it the hinge of a cabinet door, or the more complex arrangement of muscles, tendon, bone and cartilage of your body, begin to wear out with extended use. Couple that with the active life style of middle aged and senior citizens who are living longer, and its little wonder more people are experiencing joint pain and arthritis with advancing age.

This is typically common in weight bearing joints, like the hip, knee and spine, but even more so in people who may also be overweight. Over time this leads to joint degeneration, inflammation and the telltale signs and symptoms of arthritis: pain, swelling, along with joint stiffness and limited mobility.


LUBRACANE® is truly incredible! It is an odorless gel that works to diminish joint and body pain in just a few hours or overnight! It goes on smoothly and disappears into the skin without leaving any type of residue because it is colorless. The results are always predictable and one is confident of its continued success. LUBRACANE® is on the cutting edge of medical miracles. The formula has an effective concentration of ingredients. I find it to be the best answer to reduce both body aches and pains. It has been proven to be a highly stable and powerful formula that delivers the same positive results over and over. I personally recommend LUBRACANE® without any reservations!

Nancy J DiComo, Retired Educator Caldwell, NJ

Being skeptical at first of a gel that would take away pain, to my surprise LUBRACANE® worked almost like magic. Running to a morning meeting wearing heels on a rainy day I fell getting out of the car trying to avoid a puddle and twisted my foot. That night after taking off my shoe the pain was excruciating. After applying LUBRACANE® as directed, the next morning I was able to resume my busy schedule. This is the third time I have used LUBRACANE® in the past two years for injuries and the results have always been the same. Thank you to the creator of LUBRACANE® for a great product.

Susan Vezza, Adjunct University Professor Special Education, Caldwell, NJ

As a little background, I have been dealing with Spinal Stenosis in my lower back for about 4.5 years. It presents as a pain in my left lower leg when I add activity that causes pressure to that area.... then I introduced Lubracane® to my lower back and it has virtually taken away all the pain associated with my Stenosis. I haven't changed a thing, I'm working out daily and have been amazed at how effective it has been. I apply it when I wake up, before and after I work out, and before I go to bed. The times where I have needed it between, it almost works instantaneously for me.

Steven Lotto, Account Manager, Port Washington, LI, NY

Hi my name is Dr Steven DAbundo I just wanted to say how great this product is ! I was having lower back pain and started to use the gel. In less than a week I was good to go. I recommend using the gel frequently at first . I just injured my shoulder in Karate and started applying it last night . I highly recommend the product...

Steven DAbundo, DDS/Oral Surgeon, Merrick, LI NY

A while ago I had a case of Shingles that covered the side of my torso with a painful and nasty looking rash. Within a month or two the rash was gone but the pain in one area of my ribs kept coming back, usually several times a day. At times it feels like someone is taking a cheese grater to my ribs. When the pain is bad, a small amount of Lubracane® rubbed onto the spot relieves the pain in a few seconds. It worked far better than any of the other remedies I tried.

Norm Maurer, Forest Hills, NY

I am writing regarding your product Lubracane®. This product is amazing I have used other pain creams including very expensive prescription ones and have not gotten the relief I have received from Lubracane®. Thank you for creating such a wonderful pain relief medication You have a customer for life.

Lora Disporto, New Jersey

I would highly recommend LUBRACANE®. This product Is amazing. I suffered an injury on my ankle which resulted in me suffering with severe pain and because of where the injury was located any shoe I wore further irritated the injury. I was introduced to LUBRACANE® and within two days of using it, I could see and feel my injury healing as my foot was free of pain. Definitely try this product, it is a WINNER!

Patricia A. Wilson, White Plains, NY

I suffer from chronic right knee pain and as a 65 year old male. After my orthopaedic mentioned that I am close to bone on bone and that knee replacement would be my only choice moving forward. I tried your gel for about one solid week, since then I have not had any knee pain and cannot forecast the weather any longer (So relieved for that). Yes your product is a better alternative than anything I’ve tried.

Mark L Coron, MC Horticulture R&D CEO Cranston, RI

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Frequently asked questions

How soon after application should I feel relief?

The tolerance to pain is due to many factors and varies by individual. However many patients can expect to experience some relief within several minutes of the first application. Chronic pain is more difficult to treat because the pain cycle pattern has been established between the brain and the body. Under these circumstances it may take several days before its effect may be felt. New, undiagnosed, persistent or worsening pain should always be a reason to seek medical attention.

How often should Lubracane® analgesic be applied?

When first trying Lubracane® gel, it is recommended to apply it frequently within the first hour (2-3 times), and up to 6 times a day for the first couple of days. Thereafter, once Lubracane® gel begins to take effect, the frequency can be lowered and adjusted as needed.

How much Lubracane® gel should be applied?

Lubracane® analgesic is thought to be safe even if liberally applied. Most patients can apply as little as ½ inch to cover an area encompassing 3-4 inches in circumference. Just gently massage the affected site for a few seconds leaving a moist thin layer which dries as it absorbs quickly.

Can Lubracane® analgesic work with other regimens I use for pain relief ?

In general, Lubracane® analgesic is considered safe and can be an effective part of any medical regimen you find therapeutically successful.  However, because Lubracane® analgesic can alter your appreciation of temperature changes, it should not be applied concurrently with either an ice or cold pack, or a hot pack to the skin, as this could accidentally result in underlying tissue injury. That said, many people have brought the gel along to enhance a massage or complement a chiropractic or physical therapy session in consultation with their therapist.

How does Lubracane® analgesic differ from other Mentholated topical analgesics ?

Lubracane® analgesic is made from the finest USP grade ingredients, which are GRAS (generally recognized as safe) in a FDA approved GMP facility here in the United States. Furthermore, it contains one of the lowest concentration of any OTC mentholated product on the market.  As a result there is no lingering odor left on your skin as the scent quickly vanishes following application. Whats more, being a hydrogel its water based, so its clear, non greasy  and soothing to the touch.

How does it differ from the NSAID’s?

The NSAIDs, or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are a group of medications that can have wide reaching and sometimes serious side effects. Lubracane® analgesic does not contain any opiates or Non-steroidal anti inflammatory compounds and can be purchased without a prescription.

When should I see a medical doctor?

A consultation with a physician is recommended for any new onset of pain that has not been previously diagnosed. Certainly, if your pain worsens or does not go away after 3 days, a physician’s advice should be sought.

Who should use Lubracane® analgesic?

As with many products, Lubracane® analgesic is not recommended for children under the age of 12.   Lubracane® gel should also not be used by pregnant or lactating women, or by women anticipating or wishing to become pregnant.  Otherwise, Lubracane® analgesic can be used by adults of any age, it truly is a trans generational product, from teenagers and adults who workout at the gym, to yoga participants to retirees who engage in athletic pursuits such as golf, swimming or jogging.

What time of day should I use Lubracane® gel?

Lubracane® gel can be applied any time during the day, or at bedtime.  It can also be utilized before, during or after a workout or any physical activity.

What if I have a skin condition or allergy should I take Lubracane® analgesic?

In general do not take Lubracane® gel if you’re allergic to any of its ingredients. If questions persist because you have a skin disease or condition consult a dermatologist or your physician before using.

How should Lubracane® gel be stored?

Ideally, Lubracane® analgesic should be stored at room temperature, 68-74° F. Do not freeze Lubracane® gel or expose it to direct sunlight.  When not in use Lubracane® analgesic should be capped and placed away from young children.

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